During summer season we offer our guests a possibility to buy organized group trips. In case you have a car, below you can find many options for what to see.

Banská Štiavnica

Discover one of the oldest mining towns in Slovakia.

National horse-breeding farm Topoľčianky

Topoľčianky has one of Europe's most important horse-breeding farms where they take care of keeping the horse genetic fund as pure as possible.

Chateau Topoľčianky

Walk in the footsteps on the first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrygue Masaryk, who made this building into a presidential summer house.

Staré Hory

In this village you can find a famous pilgrim place.


Nihil hic munitissimus habendi senatus locus, nihil horum?

Historical coin-making factory

During the excursion you can see how the old Hungarian royal coins were made.


A small town isn the Upper Nitra region is a home to a bueatiful castle and the largest zoo in Slovakia. The castle is also famosu for its unique Festival of ghosts.


Light uphill hiking for those searching for a spiritual experience or for those who just want a beautiful view from the top of the Clavary hill.

Museum of Love

Enter the home of Mária Pischlová for whom Andrej Sládkovič wrote the longest love poem in the world and find out what happened to their love in the end.

Miners tajch lakes

In the past these lakes were man-made for mining purposes, nowadays they are mainly for recreation. There are several of these lakes around Banská Štiavnica, can you find them all?

Water mill

In the small village of Bohunice you can find a very rare technical artefact, one of the last water mills in Slovakia.

Špania Dolina

Another one of the mining villages specializing in copper ore minig.

Mines in Hodruai-Hámre

Village of Hodruša-Hámrehas over 20 technical artefacts protected by UNESCO. You can visit for example mines Baptista, Mayer, Lill, Rozália, or others. There is also a tower called Klopačka which was used for calling the miners to work.

Sklené Teplice

Spa village known for its unique thermal spa in a cave where the water temperature can reach up to 42°C. You can also enjoy the Miner's bath or the Bath of Mary Theresa.


Come visit the city of Zvolen. Enjoy some culture in the Jozef Gregor-Tajovský theatre, or Zvolen castle games. Zvolen is also a birthplace of many famous Slovaks.

Zvolen Castle

This castle is a venue for many weddings, you can see renaissance interior do not forget to visit the wing which houses Slovak national gallery.


The city of Levice is the heart of the Tekov region and a centre of the lasrgest district in Slovakia. We recommend you see the historical square, Jewish synagogue, St. Joseph's Church, St. Michael Archangel Church. Levice also has its own May Beer Fest.

Vígľaš Castle

Get some information about history, eat your lunch in the castle's restaurant and relax in the hotel's wellness and spa centre with pool, sauna, and massage.

Pustý castle

Now only a ruin which is also sometimes called the Old Zvolen Castle. Once on the hilltop you can enjoy the view and also see the confluence of the Hron and Slatina rivers. The hike to the top of the hill is one of the difficult ones.

Šášovský castle

Come visit the ruins of the castle that according to a legend was built for a clown (Slovak = šašo) who saved his master's life from a bear during a hunt. The hike up top is a difficult one and the entrance is at one's own risk, as the ruins are fragile and the stones are falling apart.

Sitno mountain

Hotel Topky lies right at the foot of Sitno. Test your eyesight if you an see all the way to your home from the top!


Birthplace of famous Slovak writer Jozef Gregor-Tajovský, the inventor and pioneer of wireless telecommunication Jozef Murgaš. At the end of the village there is also a natural artefact called Tajovská kopa.


In this village near Banská Bystrica is one of the world's few Lutheran wooden churches. During the construction there was not used a single nail. Come see whether this is true!

Salamandra Ski Resort

Salamandra is the southernmost ski resort in Slovakia. It does not depend on the weather conditions as it has its own fake snow system. To get to the top of the slope you can use cablecars.

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