Weekly program

Out guests are mainly Austrian seniors for whom we provide full-service weekly stays with activities for each day. We are able to adjust the program according to the group’s wishes. Here is an example of a weekly program:


13,00 Lunch

16,00 Coffe and cake

19,00 Dinner

20,00 Operette evening


7,00 Morning exercise

7,30 Breakfast

9,00 Trip to Banská Štiavnica, sightseeing, Old town centre and Museum of mineralogy

13,00 Lunch

16,00 Coffee with cake, Slovak language class

19,00 Slovak dinner

Folk group Očovan show


7,00 Ranné cvičenie

7,30 Raňajky

9,00 Odchod do Banskej Bystrice, prehliadka mesta s výkladom, nákupy

16,00 Káva s koláčom

19,00 Večera


7,00 Morning exercise

7,30 Breakfast

9,00 Light hiking

Morning relax

13,00 Lunch

14,30 Trip to Brhlovce, stone houses exhibition, trip to Sebechleby and Stará Hora, wine cellar visiting and wine tasting with Janko and his acordeon

20,00 Szeged goulash with beer


7,00 Morning exercise

7,30 Breakfast

9,00 A whole-day trip

17,00 Coffee and a cake

19,00 Dinner

Afterwards Iveta & Vlado play German evergreens


7,00 Morning exercise

7,30 Breakfast

9,30 Trip to Biofarm Počúvadlo, walking, horseback riding, or a tracktor riding Gypsy music, picnic with lamb goulash, bryndza sheep cheese spread, bacon spread, smoked meat, bread with lard and onion, Gypsy roast

10,00 Trip back to the hotel by bus

13,00 Lunch

Afternoon massage

16,00 Coffee and a cake

19,00 Roast piglet and grilled Slovak specialties, in case of a warm weather disco with our band Topky´s


7,30 Breakfast

10,00 Brass band Sitňanka from Banská Štiavnica

12,00 Lunch

13,00 Transfer back home to Austria

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