Traditional slovak cuisineKoliba Veronika

Koliba Veronika is a wooden house located in the middle of the forest in the Štiavnické mountains. Hotel Topky is only a few minutes walk away and the road leads around the lake.

We offer typical slovak specialties, both savoury and sweet. You are welcome to sit inside, in the winry, or during summer months you can sit on the outside porch and lsiten to the sunds of nature or to our folk group plating live.

We organize family events, christening celebrations, birthday parties, weddings, business meetings or teambuilding, tasting od slovak and austrian wines. Koliba Veronika is open daily, the season starts on Easter and ends in fall.


350g Daily soup 2,00 €
150g Koliba „Cheeseburger“ 3,00 €
380g Slovak potato gnocchi with sauerkraut 4,08 €
320g Slovak “halušky” with “bryndza” sheep cheese and sausage 5,13 €
350g Slovak potato halušky with crispy bacon 4,28 €
350g Waggoner’s potato halušky 4,67 €
60g Hot dog classic
mustard, ketchup, sause tartar, cabbage salad
2,80 €
100g Frankfurter 2x, mustard, ketchup, bread 2,50 €
200g Spare ribs, mustard, ketchup, bread 5,81 €
180g Deer ragou 5,97 €
250g Fruit dumplings with sweet breadcrumb topping 3,37 €
280g Fruit jam pierogies 3,23 €

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