We organize a whole-day bus trips

We provide organized group trips for our Autrian guests. If you would like to join them, feel free to sign in at the reception desk. If you have a car and would like to make your own trip, here you can find some ideas.


National horse-breeding farm of Slovakia with a beautiful chateau which serves as a summer house for Slovak presidents.

Staré hory, Krahule and Kremnica

Pilgrimmage to Staré Hory which is famous for Virgin Mary epiphany, hikinh in Krahule, and town of Kremnica which has the oldest coin-making factory in the world


Bojnice castle which is supposedly one of the most beautiful castles on the world, it has been used in many films and TV series, visit of the zoo from which we have our pony Ferko.

Čierny Balog

Čierny Balog used to be a forestrs and miners village, there is a unique forest train and a skansen. We also organize a historical bandit robbery of the train with a folk group show at the end.


Very special village with a unique folk festioval. Its name is derived from pears (hrušky). We taste the local pear alcohol and potato pancakes, visit the technical museum and other historical buildings.

Špania Dolina

On of the oldest copper-miners villages in Slovakia with a very special folk architecture, some of the houses are up to 600 years old. Visit of the museum and watching live traditional lace-making.

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